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Prof. Dr. Armin Nassehi has served as chair of the Faculty of Sociology at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich since 1998. His research areas are cultural sociology, sociology of knowledge and political sociology, with numerous publications in these fields, such as Gab es 1968? Eine Spurensuche (i.e. Did 1968 exist? Following the trail 2018) and Die letzte Stunde der Wahrheit. Warum rechts und links keine Alternativen mehr sind und Gesellschaft ganz anders beschrieben werden muss. (i.e. Truth’s Final Hour: Why right and left are no longer alternatives and society must be described completely differently, 2015) including an exchange of letters between him and right-wing publisher Götz Kubitschek. Armin Nassehi has been editor of the journal Kursbuch since 2012. He is considered one of the important public intellectuals in Germany. He chairs the Goethe-Institut’s advisory board Cultural Education and Discourse.